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Ceramic-Floor-Tiles vs Other Types of Flooring
ceramic tiles unconventional floor
When installing ceramic-floor-tiles in a new home or if your replacing an existing floor, it's important to know you have chosen the right type of flooring for your home. Below is a comparison of the 4 most popular types of flooring materials against ceramic floor tiles. Some of these ratings may vary based on manufacturer even in the fields of stone and ceramic floor tiles.

RESISTANCE Ceramic Floor Tiles Vinyl Prefinished wood Laminate Carpet
Damage A D C B C
Water A B D C E
Stain A C D A D
Fade A C D A C
Scratch B D C B N/A
Maintenance B B C B C
Cost D B D B B


Colors and Tones of Ceramic-Floor-Tiles
bathroom ceramic floor tiles
In addition to the comparison chart, ceramic floor tiles have the wisest variety of color and designs. When installing ceramic floor tiles you should consider what effect the colors and shapes will have on your home.
Larger ceramic floor tiles and brightly colored ceramic floor tiles give small rooms a larger and cleaner appearance while earth and dark toned ceramic floor tiles give a warmer feeling.


Ceramic Floor Tiles & Grout
safari ceramic floor tiles
Grout, trims, lighting and the size and shape of your ceramic floor tiles can also have a significant impact on the style of your room. The grout itself can reflect your character as well as dictate the effect of the room. Grout that is in direct contrast to your ceramic floor tiles can create a dramatic, intense and stylistic effect while a grout that blends with the ceramic floor tiles will create a uniform, clean and easy appearance.  

Ceramic Floor Tiles and Cracks
french floor ceramic tiles
Ceramic floor tiles are designed to last a long time under regular conditions such as foot traffic etc. However, I common condition that happens to ceramic floor tiles that very few people think about until it is too late cracks. Cracks in your ceramic floor tiles dramatically reduce the overall beauty while devaluing your home. Cracks are more common to ceramic tile floors that are installed on a concrete substrate as opposed to the 2nd level of your home. The reason for this is the concrete substrate is prone to cracking. Once the concrete substrate cracks it can easily transfer that crack to your ceramic floor tiles. If your ceramic floor tiles are installed directly on the concrete you have a high risk at a crack. If your ceramic floor tiles are installed on a plywood substrate, the concrete can crack and force the nails out causing nail popping. When a nail pops it can crack or lift ceramic floor tiles. The best way to prevent this is to use ceramic floor tiles inc florida tile subfloor. ceramic floor tiles stroe in orlando tile subfloor helps prevent cracks from spreading from the floors finish. In addition, it helps prevent weeping ceramic floor tiles. You get weeping tiles when moisture from capillary action comes up from below your home through cracks or even the porous concrete and condensates on your ceramic floor tiles. This moisture can cause tiles to lift off making them loose. discontinued ceramic floor tiles tile subfloor provides a built in drainage system the prevents moisture to come up to your ceramic floor tiles and instead redirects moisture to your drainage system much like a traffic officer redirects traffic to a safe area.


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